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Charlotte Moore

Creative Director at White Dog in Milano, ITALIA, work portfolio and resume. Creative Director Languages: English, Italian, eternally working on French

Creative Director at White Dog White Dog Student at Portfolio Center Premium Member

Milano, ITALIA




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Creative Director

Languages: English, Italian, eternally working on French
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Thought Leader
2015 - Present | San Francisco, CA, USA

Creative Director
January 1998 - Present | Milan, TN, USA
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copy-writing. 

Agency clients have included Wieden + Kennedy, Leagas Delaney, Assembly Agency/London, Wondros/LA, Fallon/Minneapolis, Hill Holiday/Boston, Euro RSCG/Milan, Saatchi/LA Boathouse/Boston, and many others. I've provided consulting to Bolton Group (Somatoline Cosmetics/Face Products) and Pasta Rummo (Branding). Brand experience, with particular concentration in telecommunication, packaged goods, women's (sports and personal care), and sportswear (Nike/Adidas). I am represented by Derek Ruddy at Switzerland.
Freelance Consultant
January 1998 - January 2000 | Rome, IT
Freelance art director and creative director, working with and for Tim Delaney out of Leagas' Rome office, primarily on Italy-based projects such as Adidas and Telecom Italia.
Co-Creative Director
January 1996 - January 1997 |
Co-creative director at European arm of Wieden + Kennedy overseeing international staff on clients such as Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola. Job included the creative direction of projects aimed at meeting the marketing needs of specific countries/cultures under the umbrella of global brands.
Freelance Art Director
January 1995 - January 1996 | New York, NY, USA
Freelance art direction for Heater Advertising/Boston, Young and Rubicam NYC. Projects included Budweiser and Johnson & Johnson contact lenses.
Book Designer / Co-Author
January 1994 - January 1995 |
Designed and co-authored, though the lion's share of the writing fell on the supremely capable shoulders of Janet Champ, the book RIPE.
Art Director / Group co-Creative Director
January 1989 - January 1995 | Portland, OR, USA
Art Direction and Group Co-Creative Direction. Clients included Nike (Women's Fitness, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, ACG), Coca-Cola (the Launch of OK Soda), Microsoft (the Launch of Windows '95), Oregon Tourism, Swid Powell.
Art Director
January 1986 - January 1989 | Portland, OR, USA

January 1984 - January 1985 |

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Portfolio Center
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University of Virginia
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